Nipple/Areola Reconstruction

Nipple/areola reconstruction is available to women following breast reconstruction in order to restore a more natural look to the breast mound. It must be remembered that even though nipple reconstruction can provide excellent and satisfying results, there will always be subtle differences between the reconstructed nipple and a natural nipple.

Reconstruction can be considered in two parts; the construction of the nipple itself and secondly, recreation of the areola (pigmented part surrounding the nipple). Nipple reconstruction can be effectively performed using skin and subcutaneous tissue at the site of the desired reconstruction as a local flap. There will often be a degree of atrophy of the nipple so that in the initial reconstruction, a much larger nipple is created than is ultimately needed to allow for this. Areola reconstruction can be performed by either tattooing or by skin grafting from a donor site such as the groin. Nipple/areola reconstruction is often performed as a delayed final procedure after breast reconstruction, providing a satisfying final result.

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