Privacy Policy

BreastCare aims to provide a quality private health service, and upholds the guidelines of the National Privacy Policy contained in the Privacy Amendment Act ( Private Sector)2000. This practice will request personal information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. It is necessary for you to provide us with accurate personal details and medical history in order for us to properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs. Withholding information, or the provision of inaccurate information, may compromise the quality of care given to you. The following policy describes our position on your privacy.

Your Personal Information

The type of information we may request, but is not limited to, includes the following : Personal details such as name, address, birthdate, telephone and email contacts, next of kin, employment details, Medicare, health fund, concession, or Department of Veteran Affairs numbers, details of your referring doctor and / or general practitioner, full medical history, including any clinical pre and post procedure photographs.

Use of your Personal Information

We will use your information in the following ways :

  • For the provision of your chosen care.
  • For administrative purposes in running our practice
  • ¬†For account purposes, including compliance with Medicare & Health Commission requirements and facilitation of selected private health fund gapcover schemes, and debt collecting services if required.
  • For collection of information regarding your condition from associated doctors, pathology and radiology services, physiotherapists and other allied health care providers.
  • For disclosure to associated health professionals outside of this practice involved in your health care. This may include your nominated GP, referral to other specialists, assistant surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, physiotherapists and other allied health care providers.
  • On occasions where disclosure of information is required for professional medical organizations, such as our medical defence organisation, or where the doctor may be legally required to disclose personal information, such as mandatory reporting of communicable diseases.
  • For research or auditing purposes, disclosure of your personal information and / or condition and / or treatment in an identifying or non-identifying nature as required, to professional medical and research organizations, such as the Royal Australasian College of surgeons.
  • On occasions when we are requested by law to provide information about you or your care.

Storage of Information

Your information is handled by our practice with respect to your privacy. All staff and contractors have signed confidentiality agreements, with penalities in place for unauthorized disclosure. Electronic information is protected by a security password. Stored paper records or XRays are kept in areas accessible to staff only. Shredding of paper documents is attended by outside provider following Regulatory Authority guidelines.

Access to Information

You have the right to access your information, however our practice will follow quidelines to maintain security of your information. A doctor has the right to refuse access when there is legitimate concern for the welfare of any individual, or when the doctor is required or authorized by law to deny access. We recommend that your requests for personal information be discussed with your doctor during a consultation, to ensure the information requested has the opportunity to be discussed to minimize the risk of misunderstanding of medical terminology.

Additional Comments

It is recommended that you advise our practice of any amendments to your personal information to ensure our records are current. This document serves as our policy for this practice and is intended to follow the guidelines of Privacy Amendment Act ( Private Sector ) 2000. It is not a legally binding document. Any concerns should be directed to our Privacy Contact Officer ( Practice Manager ). Any complaints regarding our practice should be directed to the Privacy Commission of Queensland.

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