Patient Information

  • Dr de Viana provides a private specialist Breast & Endocrine practice and as such, private billing applies to all services.
  • Medicare rebates are applicable to medical consultations and medically orientated surgical services.
  • Private health rebates will apply to medically orientated inpatient surgical services.
  • No rebates from either Medicare or Private health insurance are applicable for cosmetic breast procedures.
  • Hospital and prosthetic ( implant ) charges for medically orientated services are covered by private health insurance only ( no Medicare rebate available for these charges ). Patients are responsible to confirm they have appropriate cover in place for these procedures with their selected health fund prior to admission.
  • Payment for consultation and in office services and procedures is required in full at time of service.
  • Patients may claim appropriate rebates from Medicare for in office medically orientated services.
  • Payments for in-hospital surgical services will be individually discussed with patients prior to their service, with non-rebatable amounts payable in full prior to admission.
  • Cosmetic breast procedures require payment in full prior to admission to hospital.
  • Informed financial consent is supplied prior to all elective procedures. When emergency care is provided, patients will be contacted as soon as possible to advise charges.
  • This practice does not supply financial assistance for care. Patients may choose to contact financial institutions should they wish to discuss their personal financial considerations.
  • Dr de Viana is not responsible for any associated costs involved in his provision of services, such as Hospital,  Anaesthesia, Radiology, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Prostheses, Radiation Oncology or Chemotherapy. Details of individual providers for these services will be given to each patient, and specific enquiries regarding each service or their accounts should be directed to the Care Provider.


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