Local Excision of Tumour


This procedure is performed in a similar fashion to benign breast biopsy, with the main difference being that a larger margin of tissue is removed with the tumour to ensure adequate clearance. The incision would normally be placed over or close to the tumour and would be 4-5cm in length. Once removed, the breast tissue would be approximated to minimise any cosmetic deformity. The skin is closed with dissolvable sutures. Results are usually available on the pathology within two to three days so that further management can be planned. Despite the best of intentions, sometimes microscopic disease is not apparent at operation and clearance margins on the edge of the excision may be inadequate, requiring re-operation; either re-excision of margins or mastectomy. For invasive cancer, lumpectomy is usually combined with a sentinel lymph node biopsy or axillary clearance.

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