Surgery for Gynaecomastia

(Subcutaneous Mastectomy for Men)

Enlargement of the breast tissue beneath the nipple in men may occur for a variety of reasons throughout adult life. At puberty, this may be a physiological effect, which in most men is self-limiting, but in the occasional individual, may persist and be quite marked. Other causes include side effects from prescribed and unprescribed drugs and in older men, a physiological effect may also occur with a change in hormonal levels. Other treatable causes including malignancy should be excluded. Surgery may be performed to obtain a better appearance or to relieve symptoms such as tenderness.

Scars are usually fairly minimal in most men. Often a good cosmetic result can be obtained but this may vary depending on the body shape and a common pitfall may be some minor concavity in the breast shape. As long as the underlying cause is identified and removed, then recurrence is unlikely.

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